To My Adam


I promise that video is worth two minutes of your time…


It was this day six years ago that my dear Jon Adam walked right into my life. We celebrate this day every year because, to us, it marks the anniversary of the end of our lives as we knew them and the start of a lifelong love that I could not imagine living without. He is my rock, my peace of mind, my running partner, my sense of humor, my special Clemson man, and so much more.

From the day we met we were inseparable. The love we share is something that I could have never imagined that I would have been blessed with. He is truly are my soul mate and every year I am so grateful for this day, March 9th. It was unexpected and magical. Adam is the most kind, caring, generous, funny, smart man that I have ever met and I am so lucky that six years ago he picked me. We celebrate several “days” throughout the year but this one may just be my favorite. We knew within the first five minutes that we had found it. He loves everything about me, even despite my flaws and imperfections, and for the past six years he has brought out the best in me.

Everyday with Adam is a blessing and I am grateful for all of them. He understands me and supports me and encourages me to be the best woman that I can be. There is no other person that I would rather walk run (because let’s be honest here) through this life with hand-in-hand.

Thank you for being you. And for loving me.







On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Pink is my favorite color and if you don’t like it, I advise you to skip this post! And you know what they say…On Wednesdays we wear pink!  I am SOOO glad that it’s Wednesday. I just feel like come Wednesday, I am making progress through the work week and am starting to feel like I can get excited about the weekend.

But without further ado, in honor of it being Wednesday, I wanted to share some items that are out right now and that I have my eye on…and that are pink, of course:


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New York & Company Handbag – I love New York and Co bags. I think they come out with great handbags and they are very well made. The last one I purchased from there is still going strong through my rotation. However, I’ve really had my eye on this one. It is such a great dupe for this Prada bag but is super affordable. It’s the perfect shade of pink for spring and summer, but I can really see myself using this bag year around.

NARSissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette – The colors in this palette just spoke to me. They are so perfect for spring and summer and have a variety for anytime of day, any look you want.

Tahari Media Sandal – These shoes need little explanation. I love the neutral blush color, block heal, and zipper up the side.

Ryan-Fit Pink Lightweight Wool Slim-Straight Pant – I live for a pink pant in the spring. I have a light blush shade in this cut already but I am keeping my eye on this bright color to add to my closet. I am not afraid to wear pink and I can see these as a closet staple.

Halogen Square Silk Scarf – The neck scarf trend, I am liking it. This little number is such a cute accessory that can add so much flair to an otherwise simple outfit.

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick : Pink Real Hard – Okay, the new Wet n Wild liquid lips (Liquid Catsuit) are to die for. They are super cheap and available at nearly all drugstores, and literally they last ALL. DAY.

Active Twofer Sports Bra Top – With the warm weather coming at us in full force, I need to make sure that my hot weather running clothes are up to par. I love how this top has a built in sports bra and an open back. It seems like the perfect piece for staying cool during a summer workout.

Aromatherapy Body Wash & Foam Bath : Sandalwood Rose – I love the Bath and Body Works stress relief line and this rose scented bubble bath is next on my list.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh : Kiss Edition – Who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and I’m thinking this limited edition scent is a must have.




One Last Winter Chill + Weekend In Asheville








Shirt – Forever 21

Pants – Old Navy

Booties – Old Navy

Jacket – Gap – Similar styles here and here

Scarf – J.Crew

Sunglasses – Forever 21

Crossbody – Nine West


I have been getting super bummed about the weather lately. Not that I don’t like spring, but I loveee winter weather. So I was super happy to head north to Asheville this past weekend and experience which I grudgingly believe will be the last little chill of the season. I was so happy to be able to bundle up and prance around in my puffer and scarf. Though I am starting to transition my closet to spring, I needed one last round of winter apparel.

It was such a gorgeous day and Adam and I had the best time in Asheville. He’s been wanting to go for a while now so we just hopped in the car and took a ride. The drive is beautiful and it really is such a short trip. I think we’ll probably go up there more for a weekend afternoon getaway. We ate lunch at Pack’s Tavern which was delicious, and then I took Adam to Wicked Weed for a local brew. There was a college basketball tournament in town so it was a bit crowded but nothing was too bad; we didn’t have to wait anywhere to sit down.

This week is going to be a busy one. We’re heading out of town again this weekend but I am excited about it! Soooo, on another note, I have been considering the New York Marathon again this year. (AHH, giving you time to yell at me!!) I know I said no no no no way no how this year but…hear me out. Meb has announced that his career finale 26.2 will be this November in NY. How cool would it be to also be there?!?! I have a lot to think about though. And I promise I will NOT sign up impulsively! Haha It will be a well thought out decision when it’s made and I’ll probably blog about it!


February Ipsy Bag Reveal & Review

It’s hump day, Y’all! I feel like my Ipsy bag was so late this month and last week I just did not have time to go through it. But that’s okay, we’re here now. I did not peak at all about my bag this month (go me!) but I did see the actual bag on insta (not my favorite!).

Luna By Luna Cosmetics Highlighter – Calypso : This highlighter is very pigmented. It looks like a more warm tone but swatches very cool, which I normally don’t use for a highlight. It’s a baked highlighter so it’s very creamy and swatches so nicely.

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick – Lifeguard : I love a NYX lip product, especially the butter glosses and butter lipstick. This lip color is so pigmented and for such a vampy shade applies so smooth. It’s creamy and…buttery haha. These are such affordable products and great for collecting every shade. Like I said in my video, this color would have been perfect for a Valentine’s date but I am sure that I’ll be able to find a good place to wear it too.

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask : Wow so I just looked up this product and a 1.7 fl oz jar at Barney’s costs $90! I haven’t tried it yet (hopefully I’ll get some time to pamper myself this weekend) but my first impression was that it didn’t smell very good!! According to the product’s description, it’s supposed to add glow, exfoliate and hydrate.

Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer : I love a matte bronzer, there’s no secret to that. But how disappointed was I when this sample was the size of my tube of lipstick?! It swatches great and the color seems perfect for me. Elizabeth Mott had affordable products which I would consider repurchasing, but I hope I can get a good

Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush – 514 : I love this brush already. It’s synthetic bristles are soooo soft and will be great for blush, contour or highlight. I am pretty set with the Real Techniques brushes for blush and highlight so I’m thinking that I will probably use this one for contouring my cheeks and forehead.

Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon – Race Recap






Friday afternoon I was sitting at my desk and thinking to myself “Now I remember why I don’t race for time. Maybe/hopefully it will be worth the goal setting, but for now I just wish we had no expectations of time. I like the only expectation being having fun with my friends.” I was legit feeling so nervous. I had not had pre-race nerves since the New York City Marathon back in 2015. It was such a weird feeling and I had completely forgotten what it felt like to experience pre-race nerves. It didn’t last long but I was still wondering in the back of my mind how I would actually do, being that we were racing for time.


Packet Pickup/Expo

The Expo was small. I’m not complaining because it made picking up our bibs super quick and easy, but there were not very many vendors there at all. Again, it was fine for me but we were running with two out-of-towners (and this race draws a lot of people from other states) so it would have been nice to see a little bit more of Greenville’s running community out and about. Otherwise, packet pickup was seamless and I love the t-shirts they gave. They are a tri-blend (much like the ones from two years ago) and are just the most comfortable ever!



There really is not a whole lot to this course. The race starts in downtown Travelers Rest and does about a 3 mile loop out and back before getting on the Swamp Rabbit Trail around mile 3.5. The next 9.5 miles are down the trail towards Downtown Greenville. I do not normally run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I have a route that I enjoy doing where I go from Furman to Downtown Travelers Rest, but as far as the parts of the trail towards Downtown Greenville…well, I find them rather boring. However, in a race setting it’s much better. Having the route full of runners definitely makes it more bearable.

The course is not supported great due to it’s location. Especially since cross roads are blocked off for the runners to continue on the trail, it is hard for supporters to get a good viewing spot. The start line and the finish line, however, were packed with spectators and support. The weather was ideal at the start. I did not need to wear a jacket and was more than comfortable. Unfortunately, I knew that would mean I could get warm by the end of the race. And I did. Luckily we missed any rain coming in, but the sun was out in full force and in our faces most of the time. There was a breeze but compared to two years ago when it was 20 degrees, this race got a little warm.

Around mile 4 we latched on to the 2:07 pace group (running at a 9:40 pace). This was a little slower that we wanted our average pace to be, but we had started strong and knew that if we stuck with him for a few miles, we could then pass and reach our goal. It turned out to be a great decision. Not only was the pacer a cool guy and kept us chatting for about 45 minutes, he was encouraging. When we latched on we had told him that our goal was to go with him until about mile 9 and then push through. Around 8, however, he told us that we were going so strong and to pick it up. We did and we continued on at our goal pace.

I was disappointed with the finish line photos. I guess the camera(s) were only on one side at the finish and I unfortunately was on the opposite side. Y’all know how much I live for a race photo.

The upside: WE PR’d!!!!! (By we I mean Adam and I.) We had started strong and about 2 miles in my dad said to us “I’m going to pace us today. I’m going to get us there.” Normally I am a master pacer and don’t mind doing it, but I needed him Saturday. I knew it could be a struggle to reach my goal and I needed him to keep me in line. He knows how to push me to my limits, but keep me to where I won’t burn out. By mile 11 I was struggling. My legs were tired and though I wasn’t having a ton of breathing issues, I just knew I had to dig deep to keep at my pace and hit my goal. Adam was so strong at the end and I was proud of him. He probably could have scooted ahead of me but he stayed back so we could all finish together.  

We crossed the finish line at 2:04:30… 30 seconds ahead of our 2:05 goal and 9 minutes ahead of our previous PR. Our average pace was 9:24. Wow. I told myself Friday that I would have been extremely happy with a 2:05, not really knowing if it was possible or not. I had never run 13 miles at a 9:30 pace before. I didn’t know yet if I was trained to do it. Mentally or physically. I also know that for me, running flats is ten times harder than hills. I have learned to utilize hills to my advantage and the Swamp Rabbit Trail, though listed as negative elevation from Travelers Rest to Greenville, has mile long slogs with no real reprieve at the end. It was hard and when I crossed the finish line I immediately sat on the ground to rest. But, we had done it. We had hit our goal and we had instantly gained so much motivation to keep going and keep getting better.



The post-race was great. They had sodas, water, juice, pizza and a ton of snacks. It was really anything that you could want after finishing 13.1 miles. We received our medals instantly and we united with mine and Adam’s moms who were waiting for us at the finish line.

This race was hard for me. I never thought that I would have to walk or quit, but for maybe the first time, I felt like I was literally giving everything I had. In terms of distance and pace, it was probably the best run I’ve ever had, which makes me feel good considering I said that two weeks ago about the Green Valley 10 Mile Road Race. We didn’t have perfect negative splits, but we were so consistent the entire run. Since finishing the race, Adam has talked so much about continuing to train and get better and race together. This half marathon I think motivated him so much. Though I will take fun over time any day of the week, I think all runners that are at the point where we are have an unwritten goal of a sub-2 half. This past weekend we realized how close we are. Sure it’s still a lot of work and dedication ahead to achieve that goal, but we are close. And that amazing goal is within reach.    


What I Wore:

Nike Shorts (5″ inseam) / Nike Dri Fit Tank / Under Armour Socks / Sports Bra 

Pearl Izumi E M3 Running Shoe / Visor