Divas Half Marathon N. Myrtle Beach – Race Recap


This weekend was one for the books. I love this race so much, and I would definitely love to experience some of their other event locations at some point. Maybe wine country of DC or Puerto Rico! Regardless, this event is about women supporting other women, achieving an amazing goal, and having fun! It is full of pink and tutus and I hope that me and my mother can do it again sometime sooner rather than later.

Mom had a bit of a confidence struggle mid-race, which we knew she would. Hopefully I talked her off the ledge when she was feeling down on herself. She was afraid she would disappoint us, even though we all told her that she got to the start line so no matter how the race went, she was NOT a disappointment. I am so proud of how she persevered. She’s had so much going on the past few weeks and it would have been easy to call a quits. I know it wasn’t easy on her having to get up and run, work a full day and then run across town to the hospital for a visit. But she put in the miles and we all knew that. We had no doubt that she’d finish, and she did and she did it running across that finish line!

In terms of weather, I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. The race starts at 7am which helps when it comes to the May beach heat. But it was mid-50s and breezy when we started and I don’t think it really got above 60.


The Expo

The expo was pretty big, as I remember it was two years ago. It was not well marked in terms of bibs were at the back of one room, and shirt pickup was in a different room. But there was a lot of merchandise to look at vendors so visit. I ended up buying a singlet for BOGO, so mom got one too. The one I bought two years ago is one of my favorite running tops to wear so it’s wearing thin and I needed a new one. Plus you really can’t beat $11 for a tank. Other than the shirt I bought, I didn’t see a whole lot of “Divas” merch that I loved. A lot of their stuff seemed to be heavier, cotton-type material that I do not prefer to run in.

There was a Fleet Feet table set up and we were able to buy our Huma gels at buy 3, get 1 so we stocked up since they are so hard to find. We snapped a few pics but really didn’t stay too long.


The Event

Parking was easy. The race sends out acceptable parking lots and we were able to find one just a few blocks from the start and finish with an easy exit to the interstate. There was a buzz before we started and everyone seemed genuinely excited to be out on such a beautiful day.

The 5k event went off at 7am and the half started shortly after at 7:10. There are no corrals but there are pacers and timing markers at the start line.There were ample water and aid stations and the course was pretty well supported.

This race was pretty easy for me in terms of actually running the miles. By the end of it, I honestly felt like I could have done it again. It was a confidence boost in terms of my physical fitness and for next week’s half that I have mentioned before, the one where Adam is really hoping for a PR…I love the fact that I can go out and run 13 miles while barely breaking a sweat ;). I loved that I got to wear my tutu the whole race. I thought to myself that if there was ever a time, that was it. It was so fun to just be carefree and enjoy the moment. My dad and Adam said they had a great time and they were awesome support. We saw them at the start and finish and then three other times throughout the race. It was nice to have extra encouragement out on the course. 

We came in at 2:31:53…two seconds off from our time two years ago. If that isn’t a testament to my mom that she can do it, then I don’t know what is! I am so proud and will cherish these memories forever!


TBT: April 2015 to mom’s first half and our first Divas experience!



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