Girls Trip to NYC – 5 Must Do’s

Okay so I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. I am feeling like I’m being stretched very thin and it caused a bit of a moment. I have so many things coming up and honestly I can’t do them all, as much as I wish I could. Time-wise, money-wise, mental space-wise. I just can’t. And it’s becoming frustrating trying to pick and choose while not making people upset. Adam and I try to make everyone happy but there’s honestly not enough hours in the day to always.

We have our last half marathon of the season this weekend and I’m excited to use those miles to spend quality time with Adam. I think it will be super hot so I’m not expecting to PR (though Adam is), but it will be my 3rd half on the year so far and my overall 8th half. I’m planning to get to at least 9 or 10 by the end of this year.


On another note, spring is a fabulous time to visit New York and I wanted to share some must-do’s if you’re planning a girls trip. Really these are activities you can do year around (well, I guess if you’re me since I love cold weather), but they’re especially fun when everything is in bloom, the sun is out and the air is crisp.

Central Park – Especially in the spring, Central Park is a must. With everything in bloom, there is no place I would rather spend an afternoon. It is such a magical, peaceful place tucked into one of the busiest cities in the world. There are also plenty of activities like row boating and various sports, always a “street performance” to watch, and plenty of street vendors and restaurants for eats, drinks, and souvenirs.

Rooftop Happy Hour – It doesn’t matter where in the city you go for this, a rooftop happy hour guarantees the best seat in the house. Whether it’s midtown, looking over the East River, or a view on to Central Park…New York is a place that must be seen from up above.

Brunch/Lunch at The Plaza – I really think this is going to be a staple for my trips going forward. This was one of the most magical mornings I’ve ever had. Obviously I was raised on Home Alone 2 and I can remember my very first time in NYC when I was 10. My dad took me to see The Plaza and I was hooked. One day I will stay there (even if for just one night) but for now, Sunday brunch certainly does just fine.    

Shop on Madison Ave & 5th Ave – Duh. This is just about as obvious as it gets. Even if it’s just window shopping, channeling your inner Serena & Blair Gossip Girl style is a can’t miss for a girl’s weekend in a NYC. Some of the stores carry one-of-a-kind items and they make fashion and retail an art.

Chelsea High Line – Full of gardens and spectacular West Side views, the High Line is such a fun place to explore with girlfriends and a coffee in hand. I personally don’t usually spend a bunch of time on the West Side when I’m in the city but I think this may become a staple of mine. I love the views of the Hudson and Chelsea and the all around different perspective the High Line provides.

I’m already thinking about when I’ll get to NYC again 😉


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